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If you prefer rehoming your pet without taking it to the shelter, please check out the links below on how to safely rehome your pet.

Directly rehoming your pet to a caring home can help alleviate the stress of the shelter and ensure that your pet goes to a person of your choice when done ethically and responsibly.
Cats at Home
Rehome with Adopt-a-Pet
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Links to Rehome Your Pet Ethically and Responsibly  

Please do not place an ad for “free to good home” in the newspaper, unless you are able and willing to thoroughly screen the potential adopters. A “free to good home” ad is an easy way of finding animals for the illegal dog fighting community, laboratories, people with criminal records of animal abuse etc. 

Check out adoptions websites such as, Adopt-A-Pet, that have programs to help you rehome your pet from your  loving home directly to another.

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