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Sponsor a Kennel

Taking care of the animals in the shelter is a lot of work, rewarding work. They need to be fed twice a day, have plenty of fresh water, waste needs to be removed, rooms disinfected, and kennels disinfected. There is also all of this fun stuff, such as toys, exercise, making friends, and all kinds of other activities. 

While you may not be here day to day to care for the animals, you can still help! 

With a $150 monthly donation, you can provide food, cleaning, toys, and supplies for an entire month. 

We will send you updates of the guests in the kennels or rooms, we will place your name on our Wall of Donors, but the best part of all you get to help with the animals that call this temporary place, "home". 

Join our team of committed donors, who help us provide a safe place for the animals while they wait for their forever home

Cat Resting



- Dog Kennels
       - Dog kennels contain                  one large dog or two                  small dogs

Donation Will Repeat Monthly


Name of Donor or In Memory of :

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