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Animal Surrenders

It is important to understand that when surrendering a pet or stray to the shelter that you are relinquishing all legal rights to the animal as your property under law. The pet being surrendered will become the sole property of the Hernando SPCA and you will no longer have any say regarding its care.

We request that after you surrender your pet to the Hernando SPCA that YOU DO NOT come in for visits as it may cause a delay in their acclimation into the shelter and is counterproductive in the re-homing process.

SURRENDER DISCLAIMER- Any person who surrenders a cat or dog to our shelter will not be approved to adopt a pet from us for 1 year of the date of surrender.

Due to limited space and resources, we cannot guarantee that every walk-in will be accepted. We strongly encourage you to call us at 352-596-7000 or to contact us via chat/email
Thank You

Surrender Requirements

Required Shots and Documents


  • Up to Date Rabies Shot 

  • Negative Heartworm test

  • Must be come to meet with dog handers to check 


  • Up to Date Rabies Shot

  • Negative 

  • Must be able to handle cat, cannot be feral

Please bring any records or documents that will assist us in finding a new home for the animal. We love written out bios on them as do potential adopters

Fees and other requirements

  • Dogs $75

  • Cats $75

  • Litter of Puppies -please speak with staff.

  • Litter of Kittens - please speak with staff. 

Please call us at 352-596-7000 or email us to check availability

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